Impact Sports Lab

Impact Athletes

Development Pillars of the Impact Athlete


Acceleration Mechanics
Max Velocity Technique
MultiDirection Speed & Agility

Strength & Power

Light Implement Power
Olympic Lifting
Functional Strength Training


Aerobic Work Capacity
Repeat Power Ability
Sport Specific Conditioning

Mental Skills

Goal Setting
Pre-Game Routine


Being in the Present Moment
Awareness of Thoughts
Emotional Control


Physical Health and Well-Being
Emotional Health
Cognitive Health


Time Management
Sustainable Habits
Test and Assignment Performance Tactics


Managing the Academic Process
Note Taking Tactics
Developing Academic Workload Structure

Academic Confidence

Reduce Stress
Increase Self-Esteem
Enhance Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle


of Becoming an Impact Sports Athlete

“Make each day your masterpiece.” – John Wooden

Improve Athleticism
The understanding and benefits of speed, agility, endurance, strength and conditioning can improve performance at the most beginner and elite level. Our training sessions are designed to work with each group, while aligning their skill set accordingly.
Mental Toughness
Emotional development is a critical step that has lasting benefits well beyond adolescence. Children face and handle conflict differently and with proper training, the outcome can result in better performance as students and athletes.
If your child is in elementary school or high school. our academic coach will help implement organizational and studying skills, positively impacting schoolwork performance. Student life balance can be a challenge at different stages, but our team is committed to helping instill core values to help develop a better student athlete experience.
Our sessions are designed to build confidence athletically and academically that can leave a lasting impression as the individual prepares for various opportunities and challenges.
We believe in helping athletes understand the importance of commitment as it relates to implementing and measuring a plan geared towards sustainable success.
Mindfulness is often referred to as weight-training of the mind. Teaching mindfulness to athletes has been shown to improve athletic performance including: Ability to be in the present moment, ability to deal with distractions; improve concentration, increase awareness, and improve psychological, emotional and behavioral outcomes.
We take a 360 degree approach to our development process. We help each individual understand the benefits of proper training, mental conditioning, academic focus and balanced nutrition.
Impact Sports Lab was designed by parents, coaches and athletes. We believe each member is a critical part of our culture. We want each athlete to help shape this into a lasting environment that positively impacts their life.
We believe group training session develops more sustainable outcomes. As individuals understand the importance of motivating each other and working alongside other athletes striving to achieve peak performance as an athlete, the outcome fuels healthy competitiveness, motivation and cohesiveness.
Understanding the importance of taking ownership is something that should be applied for all skill sets. We believe in removing excuses that can get in the way of development. We help athletes identify goals and the steps required to achieve peak performance through measurable action steps.

Committed to

Developing Smarter Athletes

Do you want to become faster?
Do you want to train with accuracy?
How would you like to use a product some of the best teams in the world are using?

Swift DNA wireless timing gates allow us to learn more about what makes athletes fast, so the athlete can deliver the improvements they aim to achieve. If you can’t measure it with accuracy, you can’t expect to improve with consistency.

We are able to provide advanced information like depth of turn, time in turn, and proximity triggering in change of direction drills, allowing the athlete and coaches to focus on how and what to do in order to become faster.

Do you want immediate feedback from your training program?
Do you want to be able to easily track progress and measure milestones?

The best athletes have a plan. Access your training anytime, anywhere, from your iPhone or Android. Our training program will be challenging, but tracking progress and understanding how you’re performing should be easy.

We want to provide you with the best data possible that’s easy to understand. Train Heroic easily allows our athletes to browse training history, review PRs and plan for the steps to keep achieving milestones on their path to success.