About Us


We are a performance-focused training facility, committed to developing athletes, teams, and adults of all skill levels in their entirety. We incorporate cutting edge technology, innovative athlete data, research, and the best equipment, providing each member with the most successful outcome possible.

Our Story

After spending years competing internationally and at the collegiate level, followed by years of researching some of the best training programs in the world, we realized there was a need to provide best in class training beyond speed and strength. 

While we understand the importance of a faster and stronger individual in sport, we also wanted to prioritize the need for more sustainable mental skills training, performance nutrition knowledge, and injury reduction programs, which are just a few of the reasons that make us different.

Dr. Tony Tucci, PsyD
Director of Mental Skills
Neurofeedback, Board Certified
Clinical Psychologist

Casey B., MSc.
Director of Athletic Development

Tim D., MSc.
Director of Performance Nutrition