Impact Sports Lab

Our Culture

Impact Sports Lab was founded by three individuals committed to changing the student athlete environment. We recognized the growing demands of athletes and students, mentally, physically and emotionally and the challenges for parents to help their child achieve optimum results. Our mission is to help each individual achieve peak performance as a student-athlete.




Our objective is to improve athleticism and academic performance. Impact Sports Lab has been created and designed for athletes looking to optimize their full potential on the field and in the classroom, ultimately resulting in a more successful individual and a better community.


Develop Smarter Athletes! Our priority is to help each individual achieve peak performance as a student-athlete.


Dedicated to helping make every member the best version of themselves as an athlete, a student and member of the community.

Core Values

  1. Discipline
  2. Effort
  3. Respect

Code of Conduct

1. Bring 100% EFFORT to each session
3. Bring POSITIVE energy
4. Treat each other and the facility with RESPECT
5. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE


Asked by Parents

Does my child have to be an elite athlete?
No. We train all levels, from youth (elementary school) to pro athletes. Our sessions are broken out into groups by grade level.
My child is already on travel teams. How does Impact Sports Lab benefit him?
We help the individual understand proper mechanics associated with becoming a better athlete by reducing injuries associated with improper development. Our program is designed to help the athlete achieve peak performance through better sports development and sports psychology training.
My child has 1 on 1 training with private coaches. How is Impact Sports Lab different?
A lot of our athletes have private coaches, but our approach is focused on athletic development and not sport specific training. Our program is designed to improve proper mechanics, resulting in better speed and agility, power movements, conditioning, as well as mental toughness in a group setting.
My child is one of the best athletes on her team. Will she be working other elite athletes?
There will be various levels of athletes in the sessions as the program is designed to have individuals in each session based on grade level. More importantly, the athlete will be working on achieving peak performance, resulting in the best possible outcome should they choose to compete at an elite level.