The Impact Difference

  1. Access to the same technology used by Nike and ESPN for athlete testing
  2. Digital Training Data for members to track workouts and measure progress
  3. Small group training (currently a 6:1, athlete to coach ratio)
  4. Performance Psychology training (1:1 access and small group/team access)
  5. Indoor and outdoor athletic development training options
  6. At-home athletic development training programs
  7. Individualized athlete benchmarking
  8. Injury prevention training
  9. The #1 experience and pathway focused on developing smarter athletes

What is Impact Sports Lab™?

Impact Sports Lab™ is a performance-based experience, committed to developing athletes and adults of all skill levels in their entirety.

We take a holistic approach that offers athletes access to the best sports performance training, mental conditioning and performance nutrition coaches, to ensure the most well-rounded athlete experience, all in one location.

We incorporate cutting edge technology, innovative athlete data, research and equipment, providing each athlete with the best environment possible for their performance.

Impact Sports Lab™ grew out of years of national and international experience as athletes, performance coaches, Division I recruits, parents of current student-athletes, and thousands of conversations with athletes at the youth level all the way up to athletes competing professionally on national teams.

Whether you’re an athlete just starting out or competing at an elite level, we’re ready to welcome you to the Impact Sports Lab™ family.