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220 W Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801


Are the workouts sport specific?

Our training is sport agnostic, however, the sessions are designed to help improve speed, flexibility, conditioning and reduce injuries that transfer to your sport.

How many athletes per session?

Our Engage group (4th-6th grade has six athletes per session and our Perform (7th-8th grade) and Compete (9th-12th), each have nine athletes per session. *subject to change

Am I able to create my own training package?

Yes, while we do have a few membership options that are most common, we are also able to customize a training package for you based on your goals and availability.

What if I need to pause or cancel my membership?

We understand schedules change and if you ever need to pause or cancel, we kindly ask for a 30 day notice prior to the next renewal window.

Do I have to commit to the same day and time each week?

No, we believe flexibility in schedules is important for out members. Most schedule the day and time each week, but you can change days and times as often as you’d like.