Impact Sports Lab™

How It Works

Impact Sports Lab™ is designed to enhance and improve performance for more successful and sustainable student-athlete results. At Impact Sports Lab, we believe a smarter athlete is a better athlete. Our formula was created by current and former athletes, a Division I coach, top educators, parents, a sports psychologist and sports performance specialists with international experience.

Developing Smarter Athletes™

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Improve Athleticism

From youth athletes to pro athletes, we help each individual realize their full potential through specialized training. Our program focuses on improving speed & agility, strength, conditioning, flexibility and stamina, all associated with achieving peak performance as an athlete.

Achieve Peak Mental Toughness

Is a critical step that has lasting benefits well beyond adolescence. The practice of sports psychology is shown to improve the overall well-being of athletes as mental skills learned, practiced and used allow the athlete to optimize performance, reduce stress and enhance their well being.

Enhance Academic Performance

We believe a smarter athlete is a more successful athlete. Balancing the life of a student-athlete is challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. At Impact Sports Lab, our support in the Study Lab is able to help improve study skills, organization, preparation and assist with homework.