Impact Sports Lab

How It Works

Impact Sports Lab is designed to enhance and improve performance for more successful and sustainable student-athlete results. At Impact Sports Lab, we believe a smarter athlete is a better athlete. Our formula was created by current and former athletes, a Division I coach, top educators, parents, a sports psychologist and sports performance specialists with international experience.

Identify Goals

Meet with an Impact Sports Lab coach to identify your goals and a plan that fits your needs. Our performance sessions are labeled as follows: Engage (grades 4-6); Perform (grades 7-8); Compete (grades 9-12); Adults

Select a Membership

Choose a membership option that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re a recreational athlete or competing at the top level, our options are suited to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Measure Results

Athletes will be able to measure progress through various diagnostics and physical and cognitive testing with a custom report provided.*

* Available for Impact Elite and Impact Pro members

Developing Smarter Athletes

Improve Athleticism

From youth athletes to pro athletes, we help each individual realize their full potential through specialized training. Our program focuses on improving speed & agility, strength, conditioning, flexibility and stamina, all associated with achieving peak performance as an athlete.

Achieve Peak Mental Toughness

Is a critical step that has lasting benefits well beyond adolescence. The practice of sports psychology is shown to improve the overall well-being of athletes as mental skills learned, practiced and used allow the athlete to optimize performance, reduce stress and enhance their well being.

Enhance Academic Performance

We believe a smarter athlete is a more successful athlete. Balancing the life of a student-athlete is challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. At Impact Sports Lab, our support in the Study Lab is able to help improve study skills, organization, preparation and assist with homework.