Impact Sports Lab™

How It Works

Impact Sports Lab™ is designed to enhance and improve performance for more successful and sustainable student-athlete results. At Impact Sports Lab, we believe a smarter athlete is a better athlete. Our formula was created by current and former athletes, a Division I coach, top educators, parents, a sports psychologist and sports performance specialists with international experience.

Developing Smarter Athletes™

Step 1

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Athletic Development

“No fads. No gimmicks. Just smarter training.”

Here’s some of the items included in our program:

1. Speed | Agility
2. Flexibility | Mobility
3. Strength | Power
4. Injury Prevention
5. Conditioning
6. Innovative Performance Diagnostics
7. Benchmarking Profiles

Performance Nutrition

“You can’t out-train a poor diet or bad habits.”

Here are some of the items covered in our program:

1. Assessment of current nutrition habits & daily fueling
2. Assessment of height/weight relative to sport.
3. Identify performance goals that can be impacted by smarter nutrition.
4. Individualized fueling template & actionable steps for habit change.
5. Hydration assessment and custom hydration plan.
6. One follow up call. (part of 60 minute consultation option)
7. Supplement recommendations.

Mental Conditioning

“The goal of mental conditioning is the development of mental skills.”

Here are some of the items covered in our program:

1. Positive Self Talk
2. Mistake Rituals
3. Alter ego tactics
4, Player roles
5. Body language
6. Visualization & Imagery
7. Stress Management