Impact Sports Lab

Adult Training

We want you to move, look, and feel better, however, knowing where to start is always a barrier. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle, train for a race, hit the ball further off the tee, or stay healthy, our Impact coaches will keep you on track.

If you have any health conditions or injuries, our Impact coaches all have experience working and collaborating with professionals and will ensure we come up with a tailored program and solution for you.

Our program is developed from evidence-based practice, incorporating a wide variety of health disciplines; physical, emotional, mental health and well-being.

Services Offered



Goal Setting Consultations

Performance Diagnostics

Performance Training

Nutritional Advice

Semi-Private Adult Training Classes: 3-5 Adults Per Class

Impact Sports Lab offers semi-private training. We find those who are working with a partner or friend are more motivated and supported, getting more out of their workout. Semi-private training is typically (3-5) people with one trainer. Groups are often made up of friends, co-workers, siblings, old teammates, husband-wife teams, brides and bridesmaids, and mother-daughter duos.

Overview of the training program:

Movement Quality

Our emphasis is placed on restoring soft tissue quality and encouraging increases in flexibility and mobility.

Strength Foundation

This is done by increasing upper and lower body power and building full-body strength through a range of movements.

Cardiovascular Fitness

This is achieved through targeted energy system development to meet the daily demands of the life you lead.

Class Length: 60 Minutes

  1. 25 minutes dedicated to Movement
  2. 25 minutes dedicated to Strength Training
  3. 10 minutes dedicated to Conditioning


of Becoming an Impact Sports Athlete


Individualized Program Design

Better Balance and Mobility

Increase Energy

Reduce Body Fat and Lose Weight

Enhance Work, Recreation, and Sport Performance

Increase Stamina and Flexibility

Adult Interval Conditioning Classes: 10-12 Adults Per Class

Expect to be challenged and thrive in a safe and supporting environment. All our sessions are grounded by scientific research and back by evidence-based practice.

Our goal is to ensure you always leave feeling better than you arrived. Quality coaching allows us to ensure that no matter who is in the group and what the workout is everyone can train hard and thrive.

Class Length: 55-60 Minutes